WIP Habits: Routines + Rituals

In my WIP Habits posts, I discuss some habits that I am working on in my own life.

In Tuesday’s post, I mentioned creating an evening ritual or routine to help with getting into bed earlier. In the past few months, I have been trialling with working in a structured way and then also working in a more inspired, spontaneous way – as and when I feel like it. I think spontaneity can be really important especially for creative work like photography. I think I work best however with more structure to my day or week, particularly so for writing or computer work. When you work from home or for yourself structure can be really important to ensure that you are meeting all of your other responsibilities and are staying balanced! Adding routines and rituals into your day can also ensure that you are creating time for work, time for yourself and time for all of the other important people in your life.

It is the habits in our day that really make or break us in terms of working smarter and being more productive in the time that we have available to work. This also goes for the amount of exercise that we make time for, and the quality time that we spend with our significant other and children, or even our pets. Think about your regular habits in your day and think about whether they are impacting your life negatively or positively! It is hard to change ingrained habits. Mental habits are probably the most difficult to change. However, once you shift your mindset and make a commitment to creating an amazing life and put in the work day in and day out to create that reality everything shifts.

I have talked a little bit lately about trying to include the people around you in any new routine that you are creating for yourself. This ensures more support and accountability. Plus it makes it more enjoyable! After Tuesday’s post, I have been thinking about ways that I could encourage my family to go to sleep earlier and to wake-up earlier. My husband has already expressed interest in getting up early to exercise so this could definitely be something that we could sometimes do together. I am also thinking about creating more structure around media/screen use, having regular family mealtimes and including more exercise opportunities in my children’s day. We found this amazing kids yoga channel on YouTube which my kids have been absolutely loving lately.

There was a really beautiful book that I read when my children were younger and it was based on the Waldorf philosophy called ‘Heaven on Earth’ by Sharifa Oppenheimer. It was about creating beautiful family routines and rituals in your day, week, month and year. Not so much a strict structured routine but more of a rhythm where each child know’s what is coming up next and you are able to be more connected in each moment together.

Here are some rituals/routines that I am going to work towards including in our day:

5.00 New writing time – I love writing first thing in the morning!
6.00 Miracle morning – I will invite my husband to join in or plan some other exercise together.
6.45 Family breakfast – I have been watching Mimi Ikonn lately. I love how she and her husband always sit down to eat their meals together and have a strict ‘no phone’ policy!
8.00 Walk kids to school – In her book ‘Heaven on Earth’ Sharifa also discusses the importance of children walking to school. Exercise and fresh air are really important before children have to sit down and do more focused school work. It is also really important for your relationship with your child and to help generate interesting discussions!

3.00 onwards – We often have after-school activities on in the afternoon but the evenings we don’t I think we will go for a quick afternoon nature walk together. Or sometimes perhaps an evening walk also especially on the weekend nights when we have more time.
6.00 Family dinner – no screens for kids past this time.
7.00 Kids yoga/dance game – the aim is to tire them out so that they go to sleep earlier!
8.00 Turn my phone onto aeroplane mode then turn it back on at 8.00am the next day.

What is a habit that you are currently working on? Can you put it into a routine or ritual? πŸ™‚

Beth xxoo

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