WIP Habits: My Morning Routine

WIP Habits: My Morning Routine

I have decided to start a few WIP or ‘work in progress’ posts to share a part of something that I am working on in my life. So something I am currently working on is my morning routine. Last year I was struggling to even get up early! I am now consistently getting up early, but still struggling to jump out of bed right away and getting up around 5.15 – this is still amazing progress however as I have been trying to get up early for YEARS!

I will do a post sometime on the benefits of consistently getting up early as it is truly a game changer! Now that I am getting up early and have a lot more time in the morning I am thinking about how to create a really beautiful, inspiring morning routine that sets me up for the day in an amazing way. I think I am currently wasting a lot of productive time. I have found that it does take a little bit of time for your brain to switch from being active in the evening to active in the morning. So first you build the getting up early habit then you can start building other habits within that habit. I like to build habits on top of other habits.

So this is my current morning:

5.00 Alarm goes off
5.15 Yoga
5.30 Meditation (I am really struggling with this!)
5.45 Make tea + boot up laptop + check social media
6.00 Write + research + emails
7.00 Breakfast + wake up my kids etc. etc.

Lately I have been scheduling different blocks of work time on my calendar for different things. So for example things that are easier for your brain to accomplish should be done in the afternoon. So I have scheduled research, social media posting and any photography work for in the afternoon. In the early mornings I have decided that I will just write and do nothing else as that is when my brain is currently the most switched on and the house is really quiet!

Another habit that I want to build into the morning is making a green smoothie everyday, I have wanted to do this for a long time! Yesterday I had to do a quick run to the supermarket so I found an easy recipe before I left and bought all of the ingredients. I then did a trial run in the afternoon. I think if you want add something new into the morning it is better to have a practice before you start. You could even go through a whole practice morning routine at a different time of the day. It basically just helps to train your brain to be on autopilot with your new habits and there is less resistance. I listened to this interesting talk the other day on your brain and how you can basically rewire the pathways – so interesting!

What do you like to do as part of your morning routine? Please share below!

Beth xxoo


Inspirational morning routine from Lavendaire:

(Photo: Krzysztof Puszczyński)