YOU Are Everything

I was recently chatting with a friend about guilt. The guilt that we carry around about whether we are doing enough, being enough, earning enough, saying enough. We live in a world full of opportunity and we have so many choices. It is extremely hard to make choices and then be happy in the decisions that we make. Often there is the thought in the back of our mind that there is something else that we SHOULD be doing. There is something else that we SHOULD be. And maybe sometimes well-meaning people say that you should be doing ‘this’ or ‘that’ and question you in your decisions. So we carry this extreme guilt around all of the time.

The energy of guilt is soul sucking and destroying and it can stop you from moving forward and being all that you can be.

So let go of guilt. Let go of other people’s expectations. You are enough. Everything that you are doing in this moment is enough. YOU ARE EVERYTHING. Even if you don’t believe you are accomplishing much of anything right now. You are still everything and everything that you come into contact with as you go about your day needs you. The world needs YOU.

The small steps that you take now will eventually lead to future leaps and bounds. So don’t live in fear of the future. Live in love with this present moment and everything that you are RIGHT NOW. Appreciate how beautiful and amazing that everything is RIGHT NOW. Fear and guilt are toxic emotions that can keep you stuck and paralysed in fear. Love the unknown. How beautiful it is that we have this amazing unknowingness spread out in front of us. An unknowingness that only we can experience.

When we live in love and we let go of fear we know that everything will always be alright, we will always be taken care of. When you stay trapped in fear and guilt for too long and don’t take any action it will be eventually taken for you. So let go of past mistakes. Mistakes help us to learn and grow and continue to move forward. Make peace with where you are at right now. Love and accept yourself in this present moment. You are everything that you need to be right now. When you fully accept yourself and let go of any guilt it allows you to be more self-aware and to take massive action. Trust your decisions. They are the right ones. Even if they turn out to be wrong down the road. They were right for you in that moment and they taught you something important that you needed to learn.

Trust that YOU are exactly where you need to be right now.

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Matt Quin)

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