I have been watching a lot of project life mastery lately. I have been trying to get really clear on my schedule, getting myself organised, my routines/family routines and also implementing a solid morning routine and evening routine. I remember watching some of Stefan’s videos years ago and I haven’t really been following him for years but the success that he has created for himself over the past five years is simply amazing. Even his progress in the last two years is incredible. He attributes a lot of his focus and clarity that has been able to propel him forward to his epic morning routine which he says that he has been doing since he was seventeen years old!

He said in one of his videos that your success is not in the money, the fame, the influence, the things that you are able to do and purchase for yourself when you gain some success but the person that you become in the process of up-levelling yourself.

The person who you become in your journey is the most important thing.

Going through the hard times, the setbacks, the failures, getting out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself to work harder, get up earlier, exercise every day, work on your mindset every day, becoming more self-aware, developing more connected relationships with others is far, far more important than any outer success. And even if you are at the start of your journey on your path to self-improvement the important work that you are doing within yourself will eventually show up on the outside.

Every seemingly unimportant daily wins will build up and lead to something much bigger and much greater. Because really YOU are the business. When people buy or purchase something from you really they are buying you. A piece of you, because they feel inspired, or motivated by your story and what you are doing, and what you are contributing and they want to feel like they can be a part of that success with you.

I am going to share my morning routine for accountability (it’s insane I know! I also have an insane evening routine!)

This is the ‘ideal’ most days will not ever reach this ideal and I will miss things out and muck around chatting with my family but that is perfectly ok. Whatever you achieve for yourself is perfectly fine. I am really lucky now that both of my kids are school age and I have been working hard lately to make them more ‘self-managing’ which helps to free up more of my time.

I while ago I posted about doing family breakfasts. We are still trying to do this from about 6.45 – 7.00. I just got this book and it is amazing! It is one of those books where you read a page a day so my goal is to do this during breakfast time aloud so everyone can share in the learning 😉

I am hoping that this helps to encourage or inspire you to also create your own morning routine. If you feel encouraged please feel free to email me through your morning routine to
I would love to see it!

Beth xxoo


Check out Stefan’s empowering morning routine vid. from Project Life Mastery for inspiration!

(Photo: Nathan McBride)