“If you want to know where your heart is; look where your mind goes when it wanders”. – Unknown

So I am now around six weeks into properly launching/slowly starting to market EY MAG and I thought I would do a bit of an update! I think it will be encouraging at some point to look back on my progress plus if I can help in any way to anyone who is interested in doing something similar that would be great!!

What’s working:

Instagram – I am so pleased with the Instagram response I knew that would be where my main market for the magazine would live and I am really happy with how everything is going there. Another unexpected plus is that people who have started following the mag have also started following me on my personal account and are keen to connect there so that has been wonderful!

Twitter – I am slowly getting new people every day which has been good. I joined Twiends and I think that has been really helping so I will also do that soon for my personal Twitter.

Content – I was really worried about how I would find the time to create content plus do social media but I seem to be getting it done. I think the key is to let go of all perfection which can keep you stuck. Yes, you want to be constantly improving and growing in what you are creating but I think getting the job done is better than having it be so called ‘perfect’. At some point in the future I know everything will look beautiful but for now just getting it done is absolutely fine! Another thing I have tweaked is the amount of content I am posting. I initially started out posting every second day for the first month and it was just too much with doing social media also plus every week the days I was posting was changing so it was just too hard to create a regular work schedule or even have a day off. So I am now posting Tues/Thurs/Sun and that is so much better! I know what I need to do each day and I can have one full day off each week where I don’t really need to do anything.

What needs more work:

Facebook – I can tell some left brain techy guy (sorry boys I know alot of you are great designers!) designed Facebook because it is such a messy, rabbit hole of a platform. I don’t really like it and I don’t really like to spend much time on it so I will need to spend more time getting to grips with Facebook and figuring out how to build more of a community there – work in progress! Network = Networth 😉

Google plus – Google plus is such a dead zone which is a shame because I absolutely love the design – it is visual, minimalist and beautiful! I know there is a bit of a health community on there so I will stay on there (for now!).

Redesign mag – At some point, I want to slowly redesign the mag now that I have more content to work with which will mean each section will have a landing page and they will all look slightly different! Not sure when I will have time to do this ? I am also still working on the whole ‘look’ and theme of the site. Photos will most likely be changing and I also want to be using more of my own photos as I go on. Lots to learn!

Insta feed – Ideally I will have this all planned out a week in advance and everything will flow much better and I will have a good variation in pictures and content. Plus of course, at some point, I want to be doing more of my own styling/photography – the fun bit!! I think Instagram is something that you can’t overthink too much at the start. You just have to start and then find your style and theme as you go along.

Personal brand – I want to do a lot more with my personal brand – lack of time is always a factor! I plan to slowly do a bit more with that and try and do a lot more networking with brands/wellness sites etc. Plus build up lists in Evernote of different clothing/makeup/wellness brands that I could potentially get samples from or work with for the site.

Personal self-care – My self-care always seems to be a work in progress! I thought things were going well the first month but then I got really run down and sick twice and I never usually get sick at all! So I have been really prioritising self-care this second month. Making sure that I get lots of yoga in/take my vitamins/eat well/take whole days off where I don’t even touch social media! I think staying healthy is really important for your personal brand. Yes, things will move along slower but it is really important that I show up in the world as a healthy/whole person who is taking care of herself and is a good reflection of her brand/mission ♥

If you are interested in building an online platform/mag/etc. I really recommend this encouraging guide that I recently discovered:

Creating an online mag: Part 1
Creating an online mag: Part 2

Random stuff I have been enjoying lately! (This will also be in my NOW update)

This interview by Lavendaire – So inspirational for all woman creativepreneurs! I love what Sorah says about comparing yourself to others – starts at 9.00 and what she says about women bringing up other women – starts at 28.00. Also, I read this great quote the other day – Empowered women empower other women! I love this!! I definitely aspire to be someone that inspires/motivates/brings up other women.

I recently discovered Dani Watson’s channel on YouTube. Her content is directed at female coaches but I think any online entrepreneur can get something from it. She talks a lot about creating a support system of women around you who get ‘it’ – get what you are doing and why you are doing it and are also able to be a good system of support and motivation – so important!

YOU CAN’T DO THAT!! How many times have you heard that? DO WHAT YOU CAN’T By Casey Neistat – I absolutely love this!!

My friend sent me this I can’t stop laughing 😉

Listening to:
This song is currently on repeat!

I just started reading the book Gut by Giulia Enders, her health story seems similar to mine so I am excited to learn more from her! I am also reading Zero Waste by Bea Johnson – I am keen to try and cut down on the waste that our family produce. We are buying beautiful organic bread – wrapped in plastic! and recycled environmental toilet paper – wrapped in plastic?!! Plus check out this zero waste insta feed! So inspirational!!

-B xx


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