The Importance of Self-Acknowledgement

The Importance of Self-Acknowledgement

I have been thinking a lot about acknowledgement over the past week. How often do you REALLY acknowledge yourself for all of your hard work and success? When is the last time you did something nice for yourself? Just because you were proud of yourself? I often talk about living in the NOW. But how often do you look back and do something to acknowledge yourself for all that you have achieved?

Last week I switched my business project management system from Asana back to Trello! My main reasons were:

-I really like keeping everything simple – currently, it is only me so there is no need for it to be complex.
-I like seeing the ‘big picture’ at a glance.
-I LOVE the Kanban methodology – most importantly of all because you have a DONE column!

I love having everything that is ‘done’ tracked and easily viewable but to be honest I rarely look back! However, I think we all should check back on our ‘done’ columns more often!! The reason being that it is so incredibly important for all of us to look back on what we have completed regularly and to be proud and celebrate what we have achieved.

We often spend so much time looking forward, planning out our business goals, thinking about our ‘next’ house one day, thinking about how much extra work we will be able to get done when our children reach preschool or school, thinking of the holiday we have scheduled in six months time. We don’t often look back and think about all that we have achieved in the big picture! Say the last five or ten years and how important it is to regularly acknowledge these achievements. When you are struggling or things are not going well I think it is important to have this ‘big picture’ focus to your life to help you to stay positive!

This is particularly important if you work for yourself or even if you are a stay at home mother, basically, anyone that has to manage their own day. There is often not going to be much outward recognition for the unpaid work that you do daily and all of the unpaid work that you have to do as an entrepreneur. Every day you have to get up and motivate yourself to keep going because it all falls on you! If you are not in a happy, productive state of mind your business will suffer. You are the business!!

I think having a regular time each week/month/year to look back and celebrate what you have achieved is so important! It is also important that all of the big milestones are also celebrated within your personal life and within your business. When you are at the end of your life and you look back it will be the big things that you will remember – the graduation, the birth of your first child, the marriage, the first home, the first business launch. It is so important that we celebrate all of these things and acknowledge all of the hard work that it took to get there.

Of equal importance is to also acknowledge everyone around you who is helping to support you. Everyone wants to feel seen and acknowledged in the work that they are doing! Make sure you regularly let the important family members and friends know that you appreciate their support – even if it is just a thank you.

So this week I recommend you make some time to check back on your done column or update your goal list and be proud of yourself for all that you have achieved recently towards your dreams and goals! I think it is easy to remember the things that we perhaps failed at (I don’t really believe in failures!) or that didn’t quite go to plan but instead we need to regularly think about everything in our lives that we are successful at and acknowledge ourselves for these successes in some small way.

What small thing will you do to acknowledge your hard work this week?

Beth xxoo

(Photo: Nelly Volkovich)