The Importance Of The First Follower

The Importance Of The First Follower

YouTube recommendations honestly is the most random place on earth I have no idea how their algorithm works and I know that they are constantly tweaking it and changing it. Everything has to evolve and change and it is interesting to see the changes on that platform. It is definitely going more mainstream and tightly controlled. I still love YouTube but I think you have to be really careful what you expose yourself to and it is definitely becoming a place where you can no longer control what you choose to see or view – they choose. A lot of really positive things that I am subscribed to get hidden and I don’t know if turning on notifications really helps.

This got recommended to me the other day – it is honestly so random from years ago but it gave me a laugh and I believe that it highlights a really important concept when you are starting out in business. The importance of the first follower and that first positive reinforcement.

I find group theory and the concept of ‘groupthink’ really interesting years ago I took an innovation class and the lecturer was really into social constructionism. He had us do the same assignment as a group and then individually and then looked at whether we did better in a group scenario, with access to more ideas and resources or individually with fewer ideas or resources from other individuals but with no need to conform or fit into the rest of the group to achieve a positive result. His belief was that groups influence behaviour sometimes positively, and then sometimes negatively. How does that fit into innovation and creating something completely new?

“You can’t come up with a truly innovative idea if you’re placed consistently in a group because innovation is, by definition, radical. Radical solutions are always questioned by the group – and killed before they can take flight. This is especially true when that idea threatens the standing of other members of the group. Or the group itself” – Andre Pinantoan (

When you first start your own business or decide to initiate positive change within yourself (moving towards a plant-based lifestyle, regularly working out, deciding not to drink alcohol, taking personal time for self-care etc.) it’s going to seem like you are dancing by yourself for a long time. It’s going to be a process of hard work within yourself to not worry about what other people might think about you, staying within the flow and momentum of the dance – not stopping! Releasing any expectation of where the dance will lead to, releasing any expectation that others are going to join you in your own individual dance – it’s your dance, not theirs and they are under no obligation to support you or join you – it’s your thing.

Really start to enjoy your own individual dance, as you practice you will get better at it, you will come to love it, and you will be perfectly happy and content dancing by yourself 😉

At a certain point, you will gain your first follower (or followers) a small bunch of people who love what you are doing, think you have interesting ideas, offer you support and have no problem with dancing alongside you while you do your crazy dance (They might also have their own crazy style of dancing and sometimes you can join in for a bit and then go back to your own dance).

That first follower is EVERYTHING because it says to the world that this person is not crazy they are cool, in their own way – perhaps a bit different than most, they are doing their own thing, but that’s perfectly ok.

So this is a reminder to really cherish and appreciate every follower that you have, and every like that you get. Behind every like is a person – don’t forget it!

(Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash)